Step into belief and start to develop the energy to deal with what you need to during the day.

Just like a light that we can Turn On, light the flame of BELIEF. Belief is how God sees you, then how you believe how God views you and this will greatly influence your performance of faith – moving from old to new. 

His ways are not our ways. Yet we get to participate with a loving God that gives us a portion of His power. When you feel Powerless, you have to take the first step and draw near to God.

A step of faith, step of trust, just getting out of bed… it’s a daily practice to take the action and move toward God. People can be restored into a new belief system and a state of overcoming. 

When you feel a heavy load on you, you need to say “what am I going to do today, one step at a time?” That’s how we become new, one step at a time, while inviting the One who pursues you to be near.




00:00 Warm Up
01:17 Light a Match
04:10 The Power of One-Step-at-a-Time
06:46 Getting Drawn into His Light
08:30 Don’t Get Stuck in the Trap of Your Old Habits
10:09 Lighting the Flame with Belief
11:41 Monotasking Initiates Effective Power
15:45 Discerning Random Thoughts in Your Mind
17:49 You Are Not Supposed to Pay the Price for Stressful Sin
22:17 Don’t Let Your View of Sin Trip You Up
25:17 Love That Remembers Instead of Forsakes
28:12 The Essence of Holiness

Discover better living despite chronic pain. Despite dealing with the horrors of chronic pain for the past 29 years, Gordon & Cherise candidly share their experiences with what it takes to overcome impossible odds when your painful afflictions seem insurmountable. This podcast is raw and real and contains practical insights and hope for the millions of people around the world who are suffering. Isn’t it time to become part of transformational change?

Over the next few months Gordon and Cherise invite you to join them and learn, truly, that abundant living through Christ is possible, even in deep suffering. Follow us for more — knowledge, experience, motivation, inspiration, hope and plenty of laughs along the way.

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