Hello and a heartfelt welcome! Imagine a place that meets you exactly where you are in life—a place that acknowledges your struggles, but firmly believes they don’t define you. At the Better Living Community, we’ve created a nurturing space to embrace every facet of who you are and guide you towards the life you desire and deserve.


Have you ever wished for…

  • …a life where pain doesn’t dictate your every move?
  • …a clear path and purpose to replace aimlessness?
  • …the courage to never settle for less than you deserve?
  • …the authenticity to be unapologetically you?
  • …freedom from the shackles of fear, regret, anger, and discontent?

Turn Your Wishes into Reality

You’re not alone. Together, we can find hope and healing even in the most challenging chapters of life. By joining “Your Healing Journey,” you’re not just participating—you’re evolving. Dive deep into a world of education, inspiration, personalized coaching, and a community that genuinely cares. Step off the sidelines and embrace a vibrant life of triumph and wholeness.


Explore with Us: Life-Changing Courses by Gordon & Cherise

Introducing LIFE-CHANGING COURSES: dedicated tools to help you get un-stuck, and designed to help you flip the script on your chronic pain story. Presented in high-quality video, these video courses will help and inspire you to live better, through the pain.