None of us are immune from falling into a hopeless pit of chronic pain, whether physical, mental, or emotional. And when we can’t seem to solve the age-old problems of pain, and we can’t seem to climb out of our miseries, then what’s next?
In 1994 Dr. Selley heard the unimaginable spoken to him by his neurosurgeon, and his world utterly changed: “totally and permanently disabled”. He went from being a successful doctor to a broken man. Now, eighteen years later, he is an absolutely transformed individual.

“I have struggled with chronic pain for years, and this is the ONLY book I have read that genuinely helps. It’s not another theology of suffering, but instead, it’s REAL HOPE! It’s inspiring, life-changing, practical, and liberating! It’s rest for the soul; a word to the weary; and, a grace-filled ocean of spiritual healing! Words are never enough, but somehow these GOD- inspired words of wisdom, heart, and experience are. Get set free today!”

Greg Outlaw, CEO, All About God Ministries

“This narrative is an incredible journey of courage, strength, endurance, and perseverance. One that will empower you to press on during your season of pain, distress, and hopelessness – to have the faith to believe God, trust Jesus for His unfailing presence, and the assurance of the Holy Spirit who will remind you of God’s truth. ‘He makes all things beautiful in His time.’”

David Packiam, Chaplain, Springs Rescue Mission

“Is chronic pain your daily companion? Chronic pain is complicated and impacts every aspect of life, as Gordon and Cherise Selley know. Their suffering has become the catalyst for their deep faith in Christ. In this book, the Selleys share how they have found freedom from ‘the strangling arms of pain.’ Readers can learn to taste opportunity and hope.”

Sues Hess, Exec. Dir., Restore Innocence

“Gordon and Cherise are bringing hope to the hopeless, encouragement to the weary, and healing to the soul. Dive into this painful yet promising journey and be blessed by truth from their excerpts from the Word of God. The experience of these two people who have not only been there in suffering, but also, they continue to thrive there today.

Mark Heffentrager, Director of Eagle Lake Camps, The Navigators

“Power in every word, there is wisdom on every page … “

Mark Prasek, Director, PJNET.TV


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