The Gordon & Cherise Show began from a heart to share real hope with the millions of people who suffer from chronic pain worldwide. Daily alone in the United States, approximately 50 million are trying to cope with unimaginable bouts of chronic pain. Yet, in the big scheme of what life’s about, this topic of chronic pain is rarely discussed in churches or among society itself.

Perhaps you’re drawn to this platform because chronic pain is intricately woven into the fabric of your life, or it’s incredibly personal to you because you’re observing a loved one who lives with the adverse effects of horrific pain. After dealing with chronic pain for nearly 25 years, Gordon and Cherise are grateful to share some of the deep treasures they have uncovered throughout their pain-filled journey – ranging from Gordon’s physical suffering to Cherise’s emotional wreckage.

There are real, practical answers about your chronic suffering hidden within the mysteries of your faith. You are not alone in your search for help. Join us every Wednesday for the latest podcast episode, where you’ll find wisdom, hope, truth, and hopefully, you will gain some joy back into your life!

Let’s dive into the deep waters of suffering to find the real treasures of hope and transformation for you today!

This unique platform offers a more in-depth understanding of suffering and aptly provides some practical insights into transformational change.

That’s what makes this podcast very raw and real, as Gordon & Cherise candidly share their experiences over the past few decades with what it takes to overcome impossible odds when your painful afflictions seem insurmountable.

Gordon, once a Doctor of Chiropractic, entered into the world of chronic suffering in 1993. After having four neck surgeries, CRPS (formerly known as RSD), and still contending with a long-lasting host of other system breakdowns, such as recurring kidney stones and rheumatoid arthritis, he has basically journeyed through the myriad of dark spaces regarding chronic suffering.

Likewise, Cherise has her own story to share with those spouses of chronic sufferers who have lost their voices. Undoubtedly, chronic pain negatively impacts the spouse and all the family members, including their friends and associates of the community.

Cherise knows all too well that intractable pain also places a heavy burden of emotional brokenness and heartache onto the family, crushing the family unit’s identity, security, and purpose. Her insights are invaluable about climbing out of a pit of hopelessness and sharing how to walk through the doorways of transformational change.

Although millions of people suffer from chronic pain throughout every country globally, it is not time to sit on the sidelines any longer. Isn’t it time to become part of transformational change?

Gordon & Cherise openly extend an invitation to you to become part of their community to learn and experience a reconstructed life of abundant living.

As your transformation expedition begins, you will see that one creative change within you leads to another and then another. Before you know it, you’ll start to think new thoughts, feel new feelings, and see the world in a new light. You may not always realize it, but God is at work within you, playing an integral role in reforming your deepest desires and yearnings.

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