Our friends, The Costa Rican Doctors are back! Dr. Eduardo Villalobos & Dr. Marcia Siles Gonzalez are here with some incredibly important health information and a challenge for you! Go to 21-day-gut-health-challenge to register for a chance to win a Costa Rican Health Experience!

Join us on our 21 Day Gut Health Challenge for your chance to win, and an opportunity to start improving your health today. Starts January 10, 2024.

0:01      Introduction to 21-Day Gut Challenge
1:50      The Second Batch of Cold-Pressed Turmeric
3:41      The Raw Turmeric Product
4:37      The Benefits of Turmeric
6:06      Turmeric Contains Active Compounds to Work on Your Gut
6:28      Where Turmeric Comes From
8:26      Turmeric is a Live Compound
9:38      Everyone Has Access to the 21-Day Gut Challenge
10:28    Gut Problems Do Not Always Present Symptoms
11:27     Getting Your Gut to Produce the Good Bacteria
12:14     3 Weeks is a Good Start
13:25    Action Step 1: Cut Out Sugars
16:36    The 80/20 Rule
18:14    Action Step 2: Cut Out Dairies
20:58   Action Step 3: Cut Out Gluten
22:29   There Are Plenty of Foods to Eat
22:55   Action Step 4: Cut Out Processed Food
24:26   Action Step 5: Cut Out Alcohol
25:32   Step-By-Step Guide to the 21-Day Gut Challenge
26:48   Take Supplements During the Challenge
27:37    Incorporate Foods to Create Good Bacteria
28:09   Develop New Habits from Making New Choices
30:30   The Side Benefits of the Challenge

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