Have you reached the point where you’re ready to change your life though you still live in pain? If so, what’s next?

The healing journey is chalk-filled with the brute realities regarding pain (physical, mental, and emotional). Still, the wellness expedition includes the inspiring aspects of mental renewal, physical optimization, discipline, and a restored power of faith.

You’ll need to create an individualized strategy that connects the deeper meanings behind your painful suffering with a “feet-on-the-ground” transformative approach to move your life forward.

Please join “Your Healing Journey” membership to learn more and receive mind, body and spiritual support.

Do I need to consult my physicians or alternative healthcare providers before I start your coaching program regarding the healing journey?

You probably know the condition of your entire body better than anyone else. Nonetheless, you are encouraged to take full responsibility for your health. And if you feel like your health condition is either fragile or possibly rocking back and forth between stability and instability, then it is highly advised that you seek medical consultation. Otherwise, this coaching platform is not meant to diagnose or treat chronic pain ailments. But instead, we share the truth about how to change your pain-filled life and strongly advocate that you take the proper safety measures to experience a new life of transformation.

Am I excluded from this platform if I don’t believe in Christianity or its impact on healing?

Absolutely NOT! Although many answers about suffering and transformation are found deep within the oceans of your soul, our message about truth remains inclusive. Come as you are to the table and walk through the new doors of opportunity sums up our invitation.

You can only tie up some loose ends when it comes to a complete understanding of suffering and healing. Professionals of all industries have been baffled for centuries. Nonetheless, significant parts of our message bear truth and provide practical results from the source of healing – God.

If our views or approaches differ from your path to transformation, we encourage you to continue to seek, knock and find the answers that provide you with a better future.

If I do not have physical pain, can I glean any benefits from the “Your Healing Journey” membership?

Yes. And especially if you’re a caregiver, family member, or friend. Pain comes in all shapes and sizes, from mental and emotional suffering to experiencing spiritual bankruptcy. This platform provides understanding and wisdom about gaining wholeness and living a better, holistic lifestyle. Our instruction moves you from being a victim into an overcomer against adversity.

What are the differences between the monthly and annual “Your Healing Journey” memberships?

When reviewing the menu of services, the annual membership offers the most incredible resources for a reasonable price of $475 annually.

Although many who suffer from long-term pain (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) believe in the possibility of receiving instantaneous results, the truth is that the healing journey is just that – a journey. It requires time to move from the phase of being a dependent patient to becoming an independent, transformed individual.

Can I pause or discontinue my “Your Healing Journey” membership at any time?

You certainly have the freedom to either pause or discontinue “Your Healing Journey” membership at any time. This mode of action can happen from your profile page. Be patient. Your subscription will remain active until you reach the next billing cycle.

Can I purchase the online courses without either the monthly or annual “Your Healing Journey” membership?

The simple answer is yes. You will pay higher prices for lesser educational and coaching instruction than if you subscribe to “Your Healing Journey” membership.

Introducing LIFE-CHANGING COURSES: dedicated tools to help you get un-stuck, and designed to help you flip the script on your chronic pain story. Presented in high-quality video, these video courses will help and inspire you to live better, through the pain.